Who Are We?

M Foundation is a 501 (c3) organization in United States that was created with the intention to follow a project that was initiated in Venezuela in the year 2005. The Foundation Mezerhane, is an institution which has a vision to strengthen and create partnerships with other foundations in the areas of education, culture and health. In 2010 the Mezerhane family had to emigrate from Venezuela to the United States and as a family of business leaders felt the need to continue with its social responsibilities both in Venezuela as well as in the country that welcomed them. That's why in 2016 the 'M Foundation' was born, under the same commitments, the same guidelines, the same principles and values as the Foundation Mezerhane.  M Foundation is committed in helping communities and other foundations in the US, our aim is to work side by side with other foundations in raising funds to meet the goals and help others, never forgetting our home Venezuela, but now volunteering as a social foundation who wants to put a grain of sand in this country, which received us and has become our new home.